Monday, May 11





the weather today is great.

really, when the weather is fine

my mood is happy.

although it's something very simple,
one's mood can really be affected by that day's weather.

if i'm at a southern country,
i will be feeling so much better than in normal times.

e~ okay it's simple.

today i went to visit "智太" whom i mentioned in my nikki a few days ago.

this is the first time i went to the hospital for this reason.

it seems the atmosphere was very ハッピー (happy)

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so sweet!!
was wondering did yamapi get to carry baby 智太??
if yes, baby 智太 must be very bliss..
to be wrapped in yamapi's muscular arms
and so close to his boxer's chest
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just seen yamapi-dear's MOLA performance on SC!!
omg! he look soooooo skinny!! (his cheekbones and his chest)
and those girls in the crowd who get to touch his torso,
and who was tapped on the shoulder by yamapi were sooooo damn lucky i'll tell ya~!!

and the dance!
it's a style which he didn't try before and

is so Akanishi-Jin-Like!

for those who have not seen it..
here's the clip: (from watchful21 @ lj)

man~ i wanna help you wipe off the sweat on your forehead and chest,
baby dear~

LOOK! this is baby Moon Mason from the Korean Movie "Baby and I"
soooooo adorable, i tell ya~
it will be good if he is related to me, like my cousin/nephew

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