Saturday, May 9


T/N: Words in purple are words
yamapi typed in English




the weather today is subtle (-.-)

as for me
i had photoshoot the whole day!

ah~! then my friend's
baby was born today.

last week when i went to this friend's house, he even allow me to touch his wife's tummy

at the moment his wife said there's a possibility that the baby will be born on the eighth
in the end, the baby was really born today i was shocked.

supposedly the due date is next week.

mothers are amazing.

the child name is 『智太』

they took one of my name to name their baby.

i was shocked.

the child's dad told me to visit 智太 soon


normally my friend don't cried easily but he was so touched that he cried out loud.

it's great to be born safe and sound

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this post is so heartwarming~
hope the baby can grow up to become as handsome and kind-hearted as yamapi-dear!

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