Thursday, May 7





yesterday i played the guitar the whole day
my tension was super high
with this enthusiasm, i watched American artist's concert DVD after that
in the end i was too excited, there is no sign of sleepiness at all

and then today, there is no topic for my nikki

i'm sorry

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i have something to rant about since yesterday night~
lately, i find out that the amount of hatred for people with no basic courtesy and respect to the owner of the space (as in the apartment) had raise..
people like:
they just behave as if they are at home..
taking things as if they own/bought it..
talking so DAMN LOUD in the middle of the night (as if this is their kingdom *heck!*)
never even spare a thought to people who wants to catch their beauty sleep..
i mean what the...

nature is just wasting its oxygen on them, honestly..
they don't deserve to be born on our Mother Earth!!

please don't become someone who is thick-skinned and with no sense of shame, like them!!
there's no advantage to it..
you will just be despise and hated by the rest of the nation/WORLD..
despite this, you're shaming your mother for giving birth to such a worthless, useless jerks

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