Tuesday, May 12





today, since afternoon, i have been playing basketball in the sports stadium.

i was super duper happy.

my will to fight was flaming.

i always think, to be able to play games with friends
makes me feel so happy

don't know why, i'm recalling those times when i was in elementary school

it's because during those times, when it's lunch break, i'll be playing basketball throughout the entire break

now i'm getting ready to go to the baseball practice centre

today is the ball game festival

hungry for comments & they are love!
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sweaty yamapi again! *dreaming*
i wanna see serious,having-fun yamapi-dear playing basketball in the court!!
he's so enthusiastic in sports this few weeks~
sexy! hot! sexy! hot!

here's the promised Koya-mama's Birthday Celebration photos!

all photo(s) credit to v3lv3ty @ lj

hmm Pictures, Images and Photos gomen ne 
i only managed to get 1 photo from v3lv3ty's livejournal..
as the rest of the photos are quite similiar to what i'd posted earlier on..
once again,
thanks to these girls for giving me such a memorable time for my first fangirling gathering ^o^

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