Friday, May 22





yesterday i went for my dance practice after my basketball session
thus my body had enough.

very tired and detached

once i decided to do something i will not give up halfway through.

it's slightly troubling when having such a trait (>_<)

although there are times when i'm running out of battery

simply recharge when that occurs.

well, i'm going for a drive now!

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

gosh! i've been searching high and low for this picture
*wiping off tears of sweat*

i love when yamapi is driving..
he is so suave when he's behind the wheels..
i'll be melting if, at that moment, i'm sitting right next to the driver's seat..
i will not be able to take my eyes off him
Rabbit Shock Pictures, Images and Photos

here's an evidence of how cool he will be while driving
(at 1:30 min onwards)


i wanna drink it!!
however, dear~ i don't drink oolong tea..
it's either bitter or tasteless..
i like Ice Lemon Tea instead..
please get me Ice Lemon Tea next time ^-^

and so sorry for this late post..
i finished typing at around 8+
but i forgot to publish it!!

oh no!!

please do forgive me

actual posting time: 1:49am (23rd May) ^^

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