Saturday, May 2





today there's Music Station!

now is before Music Station's actual live recording。

this time we're wearing suit!

ah~ my headache is gone

now is the golden weekend!
the weather looks fine!

i...probably, won't
go anywhere

i am thinking of practising my guitar at home。

yesterday i borrowed a guitar from Fukuyama san

plan to use Fukuyama Masahiro san's guitar to practise to play 「Sakura Saka」!

today we will be performing on MS again!
besides that, NEWS' latest single 「恋のABO」 had been released!

all along i will tell everyone beforehand in my nikki,
this time it's a little late

「恋のABO」is a great song, therefore no matter what it takes,
everyone please think of a way to let your father mother brother sister to hear it

and, today is Koyama's birthday!
Happy Birthday Koyama!
please take care of me too this year

any comments...
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here is Fukuyama san's Sakura Saka:

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