Monday, December 7

no entry

last night, yamapi-sama didn't update his nikki
maybe he was too tired from the filming that 
he fell asleep while writing his entry~

take care of your body, yo!

just saw an interesting and juicy post in unleashgeek@blogspot

according to a posted entry, titled 'Celebrity Sightings',
she stated that someone (Female, 23) had blogged that 
she had spotted keipi visiting a spa!!!!!!
and it seemed they were having a massage..
(click on the source to know more about it)

keipi!! *HEARTS*


  1. it's an old rumor... he has already denied it on November, 22nd during the press conference for SBS. However, they haven't ever went out XD (except for work)

    Sorry for commenting

  2. Even when it is a rumor it is like <3 <3 <3 they are friends and go out at least as friends besides... last time they went out for dinner... this time they seemed like they were having a massage... mmm relaxing because Code blue 2 ??
    Anyway... <333 ;D

  3. Nah..I read the real entry before at ameblo.
    She only posted it after the rumor came out.
    But it was during buzzer beat filming.

  4. to verojulia: haha. it's ok, don't feel sorry for commenting. i'm glad that you commented. hmm. but i thought during that press conference, he is answering to the question of him and keiko dining out in a korean restaurant from a reporter?!

    to yttenaid: ya man~ i agree with you. there's so much <3 in this rumor. haha.

    to Anonymous: oh~ hontou?! then that blogger is just adding more oil to the fire. haha! i wonder why did she do that?! to attract attention?! hmm..