Saturday, December 26


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



Merry Xmas

i've participated in MUSIC STATION SUPERLIVE rehearsal.

waiting for the actual performance

had been continuously listening to music.

after which scanned through the script!

after that photo taking were carried out again

anticipating for the actual performance!!

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here are the videos for last night performance (including other JE groups):

Kinki Kids & NEWS Talk and Performance

this is the second time i'm watching Kinki performing live on stage..
(the first time was during 2008-2009 countdown)
there are so much love between the two of them!
Snowman Jumping Hearts Christmas Emoticon Animated Gif Pictures, Images and Photos

as for NEWS..
finally JE is spending money on their outfits!
bling bling bling!
and they look simply gorgeous~ (*-*)

LOL Pictures, Images and Photos
at the special prop which massu brought onto stage..
so BIG~
and at the end, of their performance, he was practically jumping happily on stage..
he must be feeling super happy from last night's performance ^^

i love tego's lovely hairband too!Snowman Jumping Hearts Christmas Emoticon Animated Gif Pictures, Images and Photos

however, the stage looks small for the six of them to stand in a line and dance their moves..
i was so scared that tego and/or massu would fall off the stage when they did the move-to-the-left-move-to-the-right moves..

KAT-TUN Performance and Talk

as usual..
jin is so HOT!
i love how the silky outfit make him look so sleek..
however, it seems like he can't hit the tones in Rescue..
seems like he was screeching his voice; his voice sounded tight..
(if you get what i mean)
and he was all cool during the talking part, unlike kame who was panting while answering questions..

junno is so funny with his 'iriguchi, teguchi, taguchi' joke

Hey! Say! JUMP! & Kanjani8 Talk and Performance

it has been a long time since i saw HSJ as a group, ne~
morimoto and yuri had grow up so much..
chinen being matured and morimoto as no-so-kiddish looking..

poor kj8, had to be squeezed to one corner because of a BIG group..

V6 Talk and Performance

inohara cut his hair! so cute~
and yay! Spirit was sang ^^

SMAP Talk and Performance (Part 1)

(Part 2)

did i mention in my blog before that i prefer shingo in SMAP?!

Arashi Talk and Performance


TOKIO Talk and Performance

all videos credit to 425SENA3@YT

all these videos made it like a BIG reunion for all JE Boys..
except that Tackey and Tsubasa are missing :(


  1. ya!! why eh! why no tackey n tsubasa. if not it would be a reunion!! so cool! lol.

  2. no idea~ :( it seems like T&T are busy with their solo activities than coming together and produce something as a band..
    mr johnnys~ please do something..
    i wanna see papa and tsubasa together and better still, a new single from them~ >< miss their work *-*