Thursday, December 24


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



super get

i'm sorry
it's in a hideous mess.

today, bought a bouncy ball.

so long never play with it
it's really very interesting

played for a long time.

things that i played as a child, after i've grown up
i still find it interesting.

this is what i think.

after that, today, after a long time, i met my high school friends
very happy.

he seemed to have become a policeman.

he seemed to have become a nurse

he seemed to have gotten married.
everyone had taken a different
path of life.
from today onwards, even though there will be laughter
and pain
hoping that they can step over it one by one.

i also want to go forward step by step
during sad times, also must go forward too.

thanks to everyone's support
Loveless』 had entered the chart.

truly very happy
thank you!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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the chart which yamapi was referring to was the oricon yearly top 100 singles chart..
click on the link below to view the top 100 singles in 2009:

congrats to yamapi-san! and NEWS!
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today, is the eve of Christmas..
which means that today is someone's birthday!!

and who can that person be..
he is none other than~~~~~~
drumroll Pictures, Images and Photos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*throw confetti*

happy 27th birthday, funny man!
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hope you can be as cute and funny as ever..
so that you can bring laughters to every corner of the world ^^

and here's one of the reason why
i'm attracted to aiba, starting from this year..

He and His English

credit yuki82valedictorian@YT

it's epic, man~

last but not least,
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enjoy your holiday!


  1. Thanks for the translation!

    Aiba's vid makes me laugh so hard! XDDD

  2. That video has finally convinced me to become an Arashi fan. ;w; so cute.

  3. thanks for the translation and merry christmas to you too :)

  4. @Erine: you're welcome ^^ and glad that that video makes you laugh so sure do make me LOL too when i watched it >< hehe..

    @Kira: really! :D that's the power of aiba's english! not only does it makes you laugh, it makes you adore him/arashi too :) so in the end, who do you like in arashi?!

    @nancie: you're welcome ^-^

  5. Hard to say, since it's so hard to find translated Arashi videos, but I'd have to say either Jun or Aiba. :P

  6. @Kira: yup! it's quite difficult to find Arashi subbed video on streaming sites..haiis~
    ooh~ you like jun too~ i see i see~ ^-^

  7. Actually, now that I've seen more videos I've decided my favorite in Arashi is Ohno. (still like Aiba though)

  8. @Kira: oh~ hehe..but ohno is cute~ :) yay to aiba! ^^ and sorry for this late reply >.<