Sunday, December 27

no entry

pi-sama didn't update his nikki..

he must have been too busy with his work for Code Blue
ganbatte ne, pi!
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as some/many of you have already known about this news,
regarding hangeng (a member of Super Junior) filing lawsuit against his company, SM Entertainment..
guess he wasn't the only member who did this..

click on the title below to read who filed a lawsuit against SM too:
Not Just Hangeng; 6 Members Of Super Junior File For Lawsuit Against SM??!

yesung, leeteuk & donghae!!
i didn't expect them to follow what hangeng did too..

i think SM should do something about how they managed their artists..
for the increasing amount of lawsuits they are receiving..

and 2 years without rest~
that's crazy!
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i think i would have done the same thing as them,
if i'm in the same situation..

and then,
 there's this thing about kyuhyun commenting something in his cyworld

click on the title below to see what is it:
Super Junior's Kyuhyun leaves a cryptic message on CyWorld? 

my friend told me that everyone is blaming kyuhyun over the net now,
and starting to anti him too..

then what's with the saying of 'Always 13'??!

i mean..
as a fan who have adore them from the beginning,
and had already idolize them for nearly 5 years (counting by years, instead of the date when they debut),
is it that easy to give up your love on kyuhyun all because of a comment?!

as a suju fan, he/she must already have known that kyuhyun is a straightforward guy..
so even though what he wrote on his cyworld might be what he really felt, we shouldn't condemned him on this..
then what's the purpose of him setting up a cyworld without giving him the "power" to say whatever is on his mind..

and by blogging something that isn't what he really think and feel but, which pleases everyone and increase everyone's idolization on him..

if that's the case, might as well allow him to
shut it down

this way, he wouldn't have to waste anymore of his time and brain cells in thinking how to write his post in a way which will not receive "comments" from everyone..
and using this time, more effectively on something which he's happy and fulfilling

i don't side anyone..
i'm standing on the neutral side..
same goes, if ryeowook does what these members are doing..

this is their lives..
they can do whatever they want with it..
they are already adults they should know what they are doing, right?!

i shall let nature takes its course..
cause things happen for a reason..
and that reason maybe something which will benefit them, in the future..

suju hwaiting!
may all of you overcome this barrier asap =)

PS: hopefully NEWS don't do such thing..

[no bashing intended, i'm just stating what i feel =)]

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