Monday, December 28




today at the convenience store

witness someone grooving
while listening to his/her music.

felt like those grooves were naturally done so!

occasionally, such things happened to me too.

when am aware of someone watching,
then will feel extremely embarrassed

recently, found a new and nice song

listening to it everyday.

i was thinking, one day, i will
composed the music from the beginning to the end too.

right now, going to have my curry

credit baidu

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pi ate his favorite curry! ♥
that picture of the curry definitely look delicious..
*feel like savoring some curry now~*
yummy Pictures, Images and Photos

saw this picture in FB..

credit Si Hong@FB

a billboard found in Tokyo..
heard that it was BIG~! ^^
and it was nice too~
so bluish X)

videos from tegomass concert dvd was aired..
and someone already uploaded it onto youtube :)
here they are..

Miso Soup


both videos credit n0m1n0l1@YT

and if anyone of you have not seen the covers yet..
i shall post it up here..

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

both photos credit to johnnys-net

i prefer the RE..
because all the colors chosen were perfectly matched with one another..
and tegomasu were featured on the cover

PS: I haven't ordered my copy yet!
am still hesitating whether to purchase it or not~

i know that they are NEWS and my second ichiban in NEWS is massu..
*still thinking*  


  1. Thanks for translating!!!^_^
    Keep the hard wooork!!

  2. wahh~ im soo hungry right now! feel like eating curry after looking at that pix!

  3. @pi-lover21: you're welcome ^^

    @-uKnoWwHo-: haha! same here! by looking at that pic..i can sense that it's a bit salty but tasty *hungry*