Wednesday, December 9




because of the outdoor filming for an actual record of events
went to Aichi prefecture.

slightly observed the condition of its street
from here to the nearest hospital
if travel there via the ambulance it requires 40 minutes.

when there's a patient in critical condition
if required to go to a hospital with relatively
complete medical treatment facilities, it needs 2 hours.

definitely require a lot
of doctor heli.

consequently my thoughts were firmed.

in [code blue] season two
must further convey
the importance of the doctor heli.

it will be great too, even if it is an addition of one doctor heli!

credit baidu

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so thoughtful and considerate for the people living in Aichi~
and that's part of the reasons why we love yamapi-sama ne~
being kind to these people whom he don't know ^^

i think through this effort put in from the production team and yamapi-sama,
when this particular episode aired on tv,
their message will be conveyed properly and efficiently to their government..

here's another short preview of CB2:

credit Tina@FB

all of them look so mature with their new hairstyles!!
unlike the first season

and especially
pi-sama, yui and toda

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