Sunday, December 13




a small information.

it seems like a pencil can draw a 50km line.

so amazing.

the person who discovered this, is amazing too.

a genius!

my nikki is really random.

please help me

today too, the entire day was filming!
looking forward to tomorrow too (^0^)

hungry for comments and they are love!
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i'm impressed!
an ordinary pencil like this

pencil Pictures, Images and Photos

can actually draw a 50km line!
i didn't know that!
thanks for the info, yamapi-san! ^^

even though, i have to admit that yesterday's entry was a little random,
the knowledge that we gained from reading it, 
is priceless! yamapi~

and also, this little knowledge you've provided for us,
is something that 
we'll carry it with us for the rest of our lives..
don't ever feel bad for writing your nikki in a way so randomly/casual. 

in fact,
i'll be pleased if you were to update your nikki with some fun facts, once in a while :)


  1. *studnet of the art department*
    that's intersting, pi~
    *starts scribbling*

  2. I didn't know that either.
    Just like he said his Nikki is so Random.
    Thanks for translating.

  3. haha i think i've seen that in pencil advertisements.. imagine the person who test it have to keep sharpening the pencil all the way

  4. Selina
    your layout is solovely

    I'm tuk your fan from fb!

    thank you for Pi's nikki

  5. @acronym-wr: haha. you're welcome ^^

    @taropi: lol. that scene would be so funny, never did it come into my mind when i was translating. thanks for it :D that person must be v bored. but then again, he discovered an amazing fact. without that person's boredom, we'll never know that a person can draw a 50km line . :D

    @junonly: hey, tuk! you're welcome :) and thanks for your complement on my blog's layout. glad that you felt it so ^^