Wednesday, December 16


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today is the "Best Artist 2009".

just now, was only rehearsing.

i'm anticipating for the actual performance too!

anyways right now i'm famish, shall go and have my lunch~

hungry for comments and they are love!
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in the end,
it still comes down to food..

if any of you (like me) who have missed out on NEWS performance at Best Artist, last night..
fret not!
Scared Pictures, Images and Photos

someone has uploaded this long-waited performance in youtube!

in the following video..
you'll also get to see KAT-TUN!!

will be making an appearance, singing 'seishun amigo' together!! ^^

NEWS & KAT-TUN Interview & Performance

omg! what happened to yamapi's hair!
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i don't find the style that fit him
and it looks so greasy~!
and feels like it's similar to his kurosagi's hair..
but i think he and jun must have shared the same hairstylist~
here's why:

Arashi's Opening Act

Arashi's Ending Act

kyaa Pictures, Images and Photos AIBA!!

and according to the pie chart thingy which was shown before they performed..
it seems like there are more fanboys for NEWS than for KAT-TUN..
initially, i thought KAT-TUN would have more fanboys than NEWS because of their cool image..
realistically, nope!

and here are the other JE boys who had performed last night..

V6 + Kanjani8 Interview & Performance

TOKIO Interview & Performance

all videos credit to 425SENA3@YT


  1. I want Pi's blonde curly hair back. :(

  2. Thanks for the translation <3

    Yamapi + Food = L.O.V.E.
    (nobody can win against food ><")

  3. @Georgiana: don't be sad. maybe his hair for CB2 is it that bad looking as what we've seen in this program. maybe, just maybe, the hairstylist was in a rush yesterday, then he have to randomly styled pi's hair?! by the way, you prefer his BB's hair than any straight hair?!

    @chikaisora: you're welcome ^^ and i love that "(nobody can win against food ><") LOL! i bet so too~ :D