Saturday, December 5




today was quite cold.

today onwards, it will gradually turn cold.

be careful not to catch a cold.

this is what i'm thinking about now.

changing the topic

was slightly shocked when received a phone call with no caller ID

please display the numbers!

that was what i thought

although it doesn't occur often.

no matter what, 186 please

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*Note (according to a-chan's@fb friend who is residing in Japan): if you key in 186 before calling, the receiver would be able to see your phone number. But if you key in 184 before calling, your number will definitely not known to the receiver.

this is interesting~
however, i think this is kind of creepy and dangerous
especially if you are a girl and/or celebrity
imagine keep receiving weird phone calls from a stranger
Shiver Pictures, Images and Photos

yup! over here in Singapore,
the weather is getting cold too..
bear cold Pictures, Images and Photos

right now, i'm having flu & cough..
*feeling so sick now* :(

while i'm translating this nikki entry..
my whole body is aching like s**t including my throat..
and my ears feel like it isn't "breathing" at all..
*ahh! hate this suffering~!*

last night,
i watched '21'
21 movie Pictures, Images and Photos
which, if i remember correctly, not too long ago..
yamapi-dear had recommended it to us in (i forgot which medium~ is it in an interview?!)..

overall, it was not that bad~
i can give it 3-and-a-half thumbs up!

some of the terms they used in the movie..
wasn't that familiar to me..
i was like .................... when they mentioned it..
examples like +16, +17 and counting?!
(i totally have no idea what each means~!?)

i did learn something from this movie
~ there are strategies available for people who play blackjack

i like the way it ends..
it was cute~

here is its trailer:

credit MovieTrailersHD1@YT

and click the link below to watch the entire movie:
 21 Movie (Full)
credit rexberry@YT

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