Monday, December 21




today's weather is great too

also having quite a good mood

that's great

there's meatballs in the bento.

why does it taste so nice.

ever since i'm an elementary student, i find it very delicious

ate it after a long time

still so tasty!

i have no idea why i want to write the topic regarding the meatballs

but it really is delicious

now i'm on my way to the gym centre!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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yummy yum yum
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i know why~
because you love food!
and all your fans know that
you + food = total heart Pictures, Images and Photos!! ^*^

and yay!
going to the gym!
*dreaming of his yummy body*

credit birdofpray09@LJ

it's been so long since he last heard him said he was on his way to the gym~


  1. Oh, meatballs *-* For some reason I feel proud, being a swede, although they weren't invented here... anyway, yummy =)

  2. Kaisa, I feel the same way and I'm also Swedish xD

    My grandmom makes yummy meatballs, the next time she makes some I'll invite yamapi too^^