Thursday, December 31




today, was filming CODE BLUE too!

from now onwards, gonna get ready for tomorrow's rehearsal.

in other words i'm very busy.

hmm. very busy

anyway i'm on the road right now
gonna have my meal

very hungry~!


hungry for comments and they are love!
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pi was getting ready to have his meal, after he finished typing his nikki..

even though, pi, you're busy with work lately..
please do have a proper meal =)
and staff-san, please take care of our beloved pi♥

today is the last day of 2009! (so fast~)
which means that..
today will be the last day which all of us are going to write 2009 behind the date..
interesting ne~ X)

may all of you had a joyous and exciting countdown celebrations tonight ^^
i know i am going to..
as tonight, i'll be meeting up with my JE fangirls to watch JE Countdown together!
woohoo! ^^
and then, welcome 2010 and say goodbye to 2009 together!
*super excited now*

i was wondering what NEWS will be wearing tonight?!
will it be as blingee as the MSSL?!
or just some plain outfits?!
we shall wait and see
gif Pictures, Images and Photos

last night,
i went to watch 'Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 The Squeakquel' with my friend and her parents
Alvin & th chipmunk 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

the chipmunks and the chipettes are so darn cute!
especially theodore~!!!!!!!!!
alvin and the chipmunks theodore.! Pictures, Images and Photos
he is so innocent and sweet~♥

i like those parts where he had nightmares and wanted someone to accompany him to sleep..
*fangirl mode on - kyaa!*

and there are these parts where he uses his sad tone of voice and asked both of his brothers whether everything was okay (you will have to watch to understand what i meant X]),
and then uses those chipmunks eyes to look at his brothers to search for reassurance from them..
Theodore 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
he looks so pitiful~
feel like doting on him xP

and to tell all of you something,
my tears welled up in my eyes during these scenes - the chipmunk eye & sad tone of voice scenes

i think most probably is because
i couldn't bear to see poor little theodore to suffer and to have these thoughts in him..
it's so heartbreaking to see it
heartbroken Pictures, Images and Photos

they are lots of funny and squeakily parts in this movie..
squeakily are when they are performing and/or screaming in the movie..
there are multiple times when my ears couldn't take it (the pitch was too high~!)
and once, i feel like covering my ears up
i didn't though X)

there's this part where the chipettes (their girlfriends, personally regard them as =P) had to perform the beyonce's 'Single Ladies'..
that part was the most hilarious parts among the rest..

here's why:

Chipettes Singing Single Ladies

credit TrailerYT@YT

look at how they shake their hips..
they look cute but funny! XD

and there's the part where theodore and eleanor had their first contact..
it was cute too!
i was feeling all sweet inside me when i was watching that scene..
both so chubby and cute~

overall, this movie is simply too cute and sweet ♥
do watch it when either of you have the time!
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Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel Trailer

credit shinyboy12345@YT


  1. i want to watch chipmunk too.....
    but i dont have time rite now....
    so busy with the class...
    thanx for translation....
    cant wait to watch countdown concert....

  2. i love the new layout XD

    thanks for the translation.

  3. Thank you for the translation >.<
    Have fun watching the countdownd and a happy New Year ;D

  4. thank you very much for the translation!!^^
    i'm really glad that i found this site, it's cool!
    thanx again for the hard work, selina-kido~san!

    hav a great new year!=D