Tuesday, December 15




it really is a nice scenery.

not sure why feeling energetic

of course i'm not implying that previously i wasn't energetic.

in conclusion, today, throughout the day, the sky is clear, it truly is great!

credit baidu

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pi really likes sunny day ne~
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i'm so sorry yesterday i didn't update pi's nikki,
even though i was online

i have a valid reason~! ^^

last night,
i was busy making the new banner for my blog..
as, not only am i thinking of giving it a new look for the coming occasion (which also explains the new x'mas tree background picture and also the snowing effect, i gave to my blog)
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but also i'm thinking of presenting it as a
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to EVERYONE! ^0^

if anyone of wants it

feel free to take it ^^
but a small favor from me..
please credit me
/shy Pictures, Images and Photos

as this was the first time i made something like that
so, that explains why it took me soo long to accomplish it
and the failed dimensions, i chose for it X)
moreover, i totally have no clue how to use the tools in the program..
but thank goodness, there's photoshop tutorials available online for me to follow :)

most importantly,
what makes this possible is the person who had scanned the entire NEWS section in WinkUp 2010 Jan issue..
and she is...................................... inala @lj!!

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furthermore the reason why i chose this picture out of all the other scans..
was because..

in this series of photos he took for WinkUp,
somehow when i look at it,
pi had a fatherly aura around him..
in fact, i had pictured how he behaved around his children..
it is so heartwarming and super sweet~

especially this picture which i cropped off from the "cover page" for the NEWS section..
the way he holds the dog and the way he posed for the photo with the dog
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how i wish i was the dog..
then i can be in pi's arms..

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