Friday, December 18


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



today at the filming location
it snowed.

it's been so long since i last saw the snow

when i was still an elementary student, i once placed a snow onto my palms and tried very hard to use my naked eyes to see the crystal shape of the snowflakes.
really very serious

was very serious towards everything.

with regards to things i've seen with my naked eyes and felt, had treated everything seriously.

to be honest
i feel like right now i'm used to a lot of things, things which i'm serious about had decreased too.

only to things which i like it deep in my heart, then i can treat it seriously

music, dancing, acting

the more i'm clear with the things i like
the more i'm ignorant to those things that aren't my interests.

and because i've experienced it before, therefore the touched feeling towards a lot of things had become thin.

but during today's filming
a place slightly further away from Tokyo, a child was wearing the T-SHIRT which was part of the concert GOODS released for my concert

as if he was saying "i'm wearing YAMAP's T-SHIRT!"

there's this feeling
with his bright smile on his face, looking at me
thank you!
really extremely happy!

came to my concert
thinking this, my tension went really high.

even though it's because i've experienced a lot of things
that resulted in the decreasing number of things that makes me touched

in places i'm unaware of, someone is supporting me, that kind of touched and happy feelings had always been so fresh too.

towards that child, what kind of existence am i to him.
this is what i'm thinking about.

even though, in the end i still don't understand
that look when he waved his hand seemed truly very happy 

so to speak, in the future if someone sees me, even if it's only a split second, smile towards me

for these people
shall bring out a new touch and beautiful music
thinking of introducing things
which i think is the best to them

wrote too much
in the end i'll try my best in doing it!

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whao! that was a very long entry~
and it was difficult to translate too
hope i didn't translate this entry in a way which you read halfway, you're lost; don't understand what i'm typing..
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the snow and that kid really must have touched his innermost self
that is why pi wrote this long but heartfelt nikki entry yesterday..

even though its long..
i think i felt those feelings which he wants to convey in his nikki yesterday..
personally i felt feelings of lost and pleased..

lost is because he had no way to curb the problem of losing interests in things which interest him in the past..
and he didn't want to lose it too; he wants to cherish it..

whereas, pleased is because he met the kid..
that kid sort of like given him a second life..
in which he found his goal and those feelings of touched which he have lose it..

yup! that's what i felt from it

oh ya!
sorry for this late update X)
yesterday, late afternoon, i went back to school to return 4 DVDs and borrow 7 more DVDs

among those 4, i returned which included 'Alvin & The Chipmunks', 'What Happens in Vegas' - in which its ending is super sweet and touching (to me, personally) and 'Shrek The Third' - in which Justin Timberlake's voice as Artie is so sexy X)
1 movie which i think was great was 'Horton Hears a Who'
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

it was an innocent and simple movie - with 1 main motive and a meaningful saying:

a person is a person,
no matter how small he is

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

maybe you might have already heard this quote..
but still, i would like to point it out again ^^

and it's true~
no matter who you are, what size you are or what skin color you have..
we are still the same - human beings..
therefore, we deserve to be treated equally and with respect too..
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and Horton's simplicity truly touched me..
it gives me thoughts of living my life out simply; don't think too much & stressing myself out too much too
horton hears a who Pictures, Images and Photos

henceforth, i would like to recommend this movie to everyone :)
maybe you might have felt something different from me, after watching the movie..

its trailer

and to mention,
today! i collected my NWPD (Taiwan Version) DVD!
*woohoo~!* finally!
shall post photos of it tomorrow..
as right now, it's AM4:27!!
my eyes are blurry and my shoulder had stiffen and are aching..

jaa, see all of you tomorrow!

original posting:-
date: 12.19.2009
time: AM4:43

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