Saturday, December 19

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki, yesterday..
please take care of yourself

as promised,
here are the photos which i took for my NWPD DVD!!
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this is how it looks like when i first land my hands on it
(without the plastic wrapper)

its backside

when it's opened up (its exterior)

its interior

love the design and the color of the three discsImage and video hosting by TinyPic!

a close up on the beautiful & fun-filled packed three discs

and also a close up on the small 20-page booklet

a small tear on the left hand side of the booklet holder
it was there when i opened it, last night Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and the booklet has dog-ear too
even though i've already ironed it out..
the bent marks are still there! *argh*

should i trust in Taiwan stuff ever again~??
i didn't think of this issue because of this experience..
but because its a piled up from past experience too

i still think japan press stuff are better
but then~!
it's pricey~
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and lastly,
a group photo of the DVD


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