Thursday, December 10




it's night now!

i'm taking a stroll on the street now!

there's plenty of lighting ornaments on the street

very pretty.

after that just went to a CD shop.
「Loveless」 already sold out.

there's no other matter happier than this.

really truly grateful to everyone!

i will use my entire life to reciprocate to those who have supported me

i decided!

want to do this

regardless of whether it's singing, dancing or acting
require to work hard in order to attain a much higher standard!

credit baidu

hungry for comments and they are love!
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taking a break from your tough schedule of filming?!
it's good to go out once in a while, from your tight schedule,
to breathe in some fresh air and also to see such beautiful sightings on the street;
relaxing your heart, mind and soul..

15 more days to Christmas!
now everywhere in Singapore,
it's also adorned with Christmas lightings!

tomorrow i'll be having my last paper!
(been waiting for this day, since the start of the week..)
can't wait~!


  1. As expected from Yamapi :> Anws, good luck for your last paper :D

  2. haha.. thanks ^^

    by the way,
    i've done the JE Meme thingy in your blog!!
    it's so much fun to answer those questions and i laughed at some of your answers..
    some of our answers are so creative..

    i posted it in my FB though, instead of over here ^^