Saturday, December 12




the rainbow bridge
has really turned into a rainbow

because it's such a rare scene, therefore took a picture of it!

and to mention, today it rained too much.

credit baidu

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am i seeing double?!
or is it yamapi's phototaking skill failed?!
just kidding X)

jumping Pictures, Images and Photos
*fure fure*
i finished my papers!!

out of the 4 papers i had,
3 finished me (which means that i have successfully counter-attack 1 paper)

*i'm dead~*

today, 530pm at the Fort Canning Park,
there's this Kpop Concert whereby Korean artists such as T-MAX, FT Island and the Brown Eyed Girls will be performing in..

FT Island!
*kyaa!* Hong Gi!!

(even though, realistically, i'm don't possess the HOTs for them as much as yamapi and NEWS..but.....still......)

one of my classmate's friend was giving out free tickets to this event..
i wasn't aware of this until 2 days ago!!
but the time i asked my friend to ask his friend whether she have anymore extra tickets for me..
she said that i'm too late in asking..
she have already given the last 1 pair to one of her friend

Boys strangling in Tub Pictures, Images and Photos
i should have asked my friend earlier..
or at least talked about this concert, earlier~

now i'm at home enjoying my first day of school term break!
this coming holiday will be a 3 weeks break!!

i have a feeling that i'll be busy doing my tutorials and projects
during these weeks instead of immersing myself in fandom kingdom
*screaming in distress*

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