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the clouds look lovely

changing the topic
let's talk about an unhappy event happened during christmas.

in the morning, after i woke up from my sleep, found a multiplication table laying beside my pillow.

at that moment, felt like crying out.

credit baidu

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that really was a bad experience..

i remember, when i was in primary 2 (aka elementary grade 2)..
my math teacher forced us all to memorize the multiplication table..
and everyday (or was it every week?), she'll asked us to memorize new multiplication..
eg. monday multiplication 2, tuesday multiplication 3, etc..

during that time period,
it was like living in HELL~!
and i remember i also ran for my grandmother, crying out help from her..
asking her to help me with it..
then, in the end, i was there, memorizing the ugly multiplication and crying badly beside her~
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it was so difficult to memorize those numbers~~

i've been wanting to post this up for all of you to watch..
but every single time after i translate pi's nikki, i forgot~!
before i forgot again, here it is:

Super Junior & SNSD - Seoul Song

credit chyansie92@YT

this pv is super duper sweet~
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i was laughing and grinning non-stop, from the moment i pressed the play button..

especially kyuhyun and seohyun..
what they did was super cute and it even made me go 'aww'
and i like the design of the big-head doll Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SeoHyun's Doll

KyuHyun's Doll

and in the pv, shindong was cute and funny too

ShinDong the Policeman

all photos of the pv credit to me!
(because i screencapped it xP)

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