Wednesday, December 23




this isn't sunset.

it's the morning sun.

this morning was really early too.

at the filming location, frost was produced, therefore i tried stepping on it.

shi ra shi ra, the sound it produced
felt so reminisce.

recalled the route to school, that i took, when i was an elementary student!

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sorry for these late posts..
i was busy editing my Final Year Project report for the entire day, yesterday X)

i've decided that i should get this agony be done and over with before Christmas!
as i don't wish to be still holding on to this report, on Christmas day itself; don't wish to spoil my mood for it :)

in addition, this report has to be handed up when my school breaks are over, meaning - 4th of January, 2010..
therefore, need to get it done asap!

and well~
i finished editing it, last night! (like FINALLY!)
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out and away from this agony..
(yes..i've named my report as agony xP)

now, i feel much lighter
and less worried
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the videos for Code Blue 2 are seen on YouTube!!!
some of you might already have seen it over in LJ or on my Facebook..
but to fans who still aren't aware of it..
i shall post these videos up again, over here..

and yes!

it's CMs for Code Blue 2:

15 Seconds Version

credit yamaflippers@YT

everyone look gorgeous!!
and so much different from season 1..
prefer these changes Image and video hosting by TinyPic
especially YAMAPI's and ARAGAKI's hairstyles!
No More poodle-permed hair for pi & cockroach feelers for aragaki!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

30 Second Version

credit hanaiifeth@YT

snow snow snow!
jumping into the river, jumping into the river, jumping into the river!
these new elements made me wanna watch it soon!

and here are videos for the press conference:

Shorter Version

credit yamaflippers@YT

Longer Version - a compilation of Code Blue 2 news

credit liloting1108@YT

despite pi's new hairstyle..
he looked different in these videos..
his face seemed pale..

and as pointed out by mirixan from my FB -
she said that his voice sounded different too..
it sounded lower than usual..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

does anyone has any clue whether this conference was held in the morning?!
because it might be due to this factor that pi's voice and face color appeared unusual..

and did everyone see him shiver?!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*kawaii~Image and video hosting by TinyPic*

and if pi were to see this post..
he would be slamming whatever things is in his hands right now, and fume
(like what he did in Ousama no Brunch interview when the female reporter commented 'kawaii~Image and video hosting by TinyPic" at his answer for being bad in the morning)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

please don't be mad
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

if anyone of you who aren't sure what i'm talking about..
please click on the name of the program below, to watch it
[Ousama no Brunch] 2009.11.14 Yamapi loveless interview

i've decided to do a blogger cut for all entries from today onwards


  1. woa. tats so cool! namin ur report AGONY. haha. which course u in?..

  2. LOL! Integrated Events and Project Management..what about you?! and which school you studying?!
    btw, i visited your blog and i realize that you're a Singaporean too! ^-^ such a coincidence! anyway, yoroshiku onegaishimasu :)