Thursday, December 3


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



today, i've worked with the members!

SHIGE's hairstyle wasn't that bad.

today, right after this, there will be meetings still, therefore shall write again tomorrow!

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what work will it be?!

could it be a rehearsal for the NTV's performance?!
or another photoshoot for one of the idol magazines?!

oh! by the way,
if anyone of you have not heard about it yet~
NEWS will be appearing in this year's NTV's Best Artist!!!!!!!!!!
(according to yamapi85@lj

we get to see NEWS unite + perform!!

above-mentioned event details:
date: Dec 15th, 2009
time: 7pm (Japan timing), 4 hours broadcast
channel: Nihon TV 

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  1. Possible to post the timing and news of their appearance at news_jpop? Thank you.

  2. hmm..i think it would be best if this announcement was made by yamapi85 is her who've discover this piece of news..i wouldn't want to steal her effort in announcing to everyone ^^
    so maybe you go and ask her whether she can post this news on news_jpop?! :)