Saturday, March 6

no entry

pi-sama didn't update his nikki

the covers for Sakura Girl (LE and RE) were released!!

to have a look at the covers..
click on the blogger cut below :)

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

not bad~
personally, i feel that these covers are v different from the typical NEWS single/album covers..
this time, the designs of the covers gives a v soft touch..
unlike past covers which give a colorful, vibrant and lively feel..
this time, it give a sad and a feeling of saying goodbye feel..
so compatible with the concept of the song 'Sakura Girl'

between these 2 covers..
i prefer the RE version..

and it seems like recently, yamapi like to wear those "fisherman-looking" cap
another evidence can be found in RUSS-K's latest summer collection..

if you wanna see more of their latest collection..
click HERE to visit the RUSS-K website :)

and i think yamapi wearing this "fisherman-looking" cap..
it gives him a different feel..
it feel so unlike him..
but i think it's in a good way..


  1. hehe I love the opening of the RUSS-K website where it says "Collect us All"
    I wouldn't mind collecting all of them

  2. lol. they really have clever marketer. with these words it makes our hears go dokidoki♥ ^-^