Tuesday, March 16

Special Fan Mail 7


i'm Yamashita Tomohisa!

starting from 9 tonight
「CODE BLUE -kinkyuu kyumei doctor heli- 2nd season」 will be aired!

it's the 10th episode!
always feels that time flies with a blink of an eye.

today's episode will be about a rather desperate accident scene.
it's an episode which features very shocking scenes, and the story plot were fast-paced too.

right now, i'm filming for the last episode!

until the end
still must put my soul into the production of 「CODE BLUE」!

everyone please make sure to watch it!

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

it indeed was fast!
and i have to start saving up my money to buy the unofficial Code Blue 2 dvd


  1. hehe, i'm still saving money to try and buy Buzzer Beat

  2. hehe. ganbatte on saving it ^-^ when you buy your copy of BB, must tell me, okie?! hehe