Tuesday, March 23

Special Fan Mail 8


good morning
Yamashita Tomohisa です!

there will be an extension of 30 minutes for tonight's
「CODE BLUE Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyumei 2nd Season」at 9pm!

finally, it's reached the final episode!

there are scenes
which are able to set off the urgent feeling for the final episode!

please make sure to watch it!


hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

it's the final episode already!!
have everyone watched it?!

personally, i haven't
but once the unofficial dvd is release in my local stores..
i make sure that i'll buy it immediately
and watch it..


  1. Yeah, finnaly it comes to an end.
    just like you, i havent seen it either.
    Cant wait to watch the whole story, i'll spending my whole day to watch from episode 1 to final.
    Tnx for translating!

  2. Waited long to watch CB2 and now it's the final episode! so fast! Watched the first few episodes but can't wait to watch the rest! ^_^
    Thanx again for translating!♥

  3. @Septa Tri: you're welcome ^^ haha. i think you can really finish watching it within one day. as there's only 11 episodes. hehe. good luck on that! XD

    @Anonymous: you're welcome too =D

  4. The final episode ^_^
    I have yet to watch it, but i'm waiting for complete subs until i can watch, so when they do come out, i'm go to try and watch ep.1 - ep.11

  5. @newsxo: me too! i have not watch it yet =X however, i'll be waiting for the complete unofficial dvd to be released, then i'll buy and watch everything ^^ hehe.