Thursday, March 11



today the filming was held at
an elementary school's gymnasium!

the tables were so small in size that i was shocked.

on the notice board, it was pasted with posters such as
how to use chopsticks,
methods to rinse your mouth and etc!

when i was studying, these were pasted too~ suddenly become unusually reminiscing those days!

furthermore catering service was provided
but the scent of the school and the scent from the food
combined to become the smell of the food which was provided by the school, during my schooling days.

chemical reaction 

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that's so true.
in every new school that i step into, on the first day of school,
i will smell this unique smell.
and i will forever remember this smell.

even now, after graduated years from my elementary school,
whenever i smelt this unique-i-don't-know-how-to-describe-smell,
immediately, it reminds me of my elementary school.
then i will start recalling those happy, carefree and innocent period.
(so reminiscing~)

if anyone of you are going to a new school,
do take note of its smell


  1. i know the "unique-i-don't-know-how-to-describe-smell" Ah, elementary was carefree back then...
    I shall remember to remember the smell of the new university i'll be going in september ^_^

  2. me too! i love my elementary school life. and i can still remember the "i don't friend you" thingy happening all around the school. it's so childish yet funny XD do you experience such thing in school too?! haha. that's great! hope it's something v memorable :)