Sunday, March 7



yesterday, discovered a new song!

this is something which will extremely raise my spirit up!

the internet is really awesome.

if there's anything you want to search for
please be sure to use Toshiba laptop!

just allow me to take some space and do some promotion!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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taking this chance to promote Toshiba laptop.
clever of him XD
Toshiba has never asked the wrong person to endorse on their product.

original posting:-
date: 3.8.2010
time: PM


  1. Yay! I'm using Toshiba laptop! ^^

  2. I have a Dell, which is not bad, but my mom and sister have Toshiba...I think that is so funny.

  3. hehe Pi doing promotion for Toshiba,
    i'm really curious as to what song he discovered

  4. is very durable i think...the one that i'm using is 5years old old...haha..XD...arigatouu, selina~san!^^

  5. @Georgiana & duzel: you're welcome, duzel-san :) argh! i'm so envy with the both of you. i want a Toshiba laptop too! it's alright, after my current laptop crash. i shall buy it. whuahahaha!

    @nikkimattei: your family has 2 Toshiba laptops!! whuaa!! *envy* my family has none >.< on the other hand, my family has 2 Fujitsu laptops (which include mine too) haha.

    @newsxo: me too! why wouldn't he mentioned it in his nikki?! hehe.