Wednesday, March 17




today, i boarded the train.

i always like it
the time when i'm taking the train.

when i went to school, during the high school period
i always write lyrics while on the train.

was able to fully concentrate.

really like those times.

also like the times when i adore the scenery.

also those evenings when i was going back home from school.

recently, temporary, i was able to take the train to the gym centre, really happy

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yamapi is going to the gym centre to get his muscles ready for the movie!!
anyway, the end of the month is reaching soon~!

GREAT NEWS, minna! (especially to those who aren't aware of this GREAT NEWS!!)
Sakura Girl PV preview was featured on Mezamashi and Zoom In, yesterday!!
someone had uploaded it to YouTube and here's the video!!

[Mezamashi & Zoom In] 2010.03.16 Making of Sakura Girl (subbed)

video credit mahnameiskate@YT

Image and video hosting by TinyPic @ ryo-chan's hair!!
and him getting slapped by the anonymous lady..

by seeing this preview video.
i can sense that this video will be v different from their typical PV..
looking forward to seeing it!!

do all of you know what day is today?!
apart from the fact that it's 17th Mar

it's TAMA-CHAN's birthday!!
Happy 20th Birthday, TAMA-CHAN!

yup! you may have guessed correctly.
he is my latest favorite artist :)

got my eye caught on him when i watched Gokusen The Movie.
but his effect isn't something which will take effect immediately after watching the movie.
it took me roughly 4 months to catch his "poison"

oh well~,
something which i will always tell my friend,"that's the charms of the JE Boys"


  1. thanks for sharing as always...
    and cant wait for their PV...^^

  2. lol ryo being slapped..

    he;s def M ne...

    thanks for sharing pi's nikki..

    can you imagine being in same train with pi?


  3. i have the same thoughts as Pi,
    well a little bit i do,
    i don't catch the train like Pi, but I do catch the bus, and find it the best time to concentrate

  4. @fzmy: you're welcome ^^ i've embedded the pv in entry 'vol.2329' you can see it there! hehe.

    @Anonymous: you're welcome. lol @ ryo definitely a M :D nope. definitely can't imagine myself in the same train as pi. i wonder how will my reaction be if such an incident happen?! *hmm*