Saturday, March 27




today's lunch was rather sumptuous.
fantastic. the scenery is beautiful too, it truly is wonderful.

after which today i boarded the train.

towards purchasing ticket
i'm good at it to a certain extent.

bought a one-off ticket allowing me to reach the destination.

this isn't as expected as a matter of course, right.

the nikki is rather short, sorry about that

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yamapi-chan is an expert in purchasing train ticket!?

= densha otaku!!
just joking ^-^

that's great ne~
he can save a lot of time and money in purchasing this one-off ticket.
as all of you should know,
Japan's train route is like labyrinth?!

original posting:-
date: 3.28.2010
time: PM12:24


  1. Why Yamap has a car if he's going to take the train? hahaha or maybe he's afraid to have an accident as Ryo and Tegoshi? xD

  2. That is great !
    i want to go to Japan, but i'm afraid of the train system, hope i can run into Pi so he could help me hehe XD

  3. @Sheila~: hahas. but let's not take other's misery as a topic to laugh at, alright?! :) hmm. maybe pi wants to be eco-friendly?! and he did mention before that he love to take the train because it allows him to concentrate on a lot of things (eg. listening to music, composing music, etc)

    @newsxo: haha! the train system will haunt you, man~ :D i think if you were to go Japan, you have to plan your trip beforehand. so that you will not get freak out by the train map and you know what's the fastest and cheapest way to get to your destination :D

    haha! i think pi will be glad to help you as he seems to be quite proud of this skill - buying a one-off ticket to the destination. in addition, when you tell him that you read this nikki entry. he will be happier as he knows that you're a loyal fan who reads his nikki everyday ^-^

    PS: please remember to tell him that there's the existent of this blog. thanks in advance. hehe ^-^