Saturday, March 13




today, since morning,
had been at the hospital filming

right now, because got to record MUSIC STATION, i'm at Asahi TV Station's rehearsal room.

it's been so long since i performed with NEWS, looking forward to it

until just now, we were still rehearsing our dance!

yesterday, i was lucky to participate in SMAP X SMAP recording!

because they are big senpai
although very nervous, able to talk to them, really very happy!

after that, the cuisines were really, very

it also has been some time since i met with Lily Franky, chatted a lot!

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days ago (i forgot when), i read a rumor saying pi will be appearing in SMAPXSMAP..
so, in this entry, it's been confirmed by himself that he will be appearing in SMAPXSMAP!!
then, in this way, i can get to see Shingo-san and Pi-sama together!!

and for those of you who have not watch yesterday's MS,
here's the video~! hehe
however, i would recommend all of you to watch the performance on the video after this ↓
as this video, ↓, isn't that of a good quality
and it was a bit lag X)

NEWS TALK + Performance

video credit: 1989koi@YT

Sakura Girl Performance

video credit: ohsiwon13@YT

did all of you see pi's bulging chest!
it seems like they've grown!!
whao! can't imagine how it would be,
during the movie shooting period..
hehe *anticipating~*

moreover, i like pi's hat
it suits him..
and i think, he has this 'Johnny Depp' feel when he wore it

what do all of you think of him wearing this hat??


  1. i didnt really pay attention to his hat, too distracted with his bulging chest! definitely a c-cup like u said!!hahaha..XD...
    do you think it's the result of his practicing boxing for his ashita no joe's role?can't wait to see it!^^
    arigatoouuu as always!=D

  2. thanks for sharing....
    your layout so cute....^^

  3. wahh. love sakura girl..!! <3<3..again.. thnx for translating ^^

  4. Thanks for sharing !
    OI had this big banana smile stuck on my face while watching the vid. I missed them so much ! ♥
    Even if Pi's shirt was awful (xD) I love their performance. Plus, Kei-chan's voice is getting better and better.

    ... C cup is almost turning into a D cup now XD

  5. TH@NX for sharing!♪♫♪♫

  6. I love Pi wearing the hat,
    I was trying to think of who he reminded me of, but you got it right, he does have a 'Johnny Depp' feel with the hat ^_^

  7. @duzel: you're welcome :D me too! can't wait to see it too! hehe. and yup! i think so. hehe. what about you? do you think so too?! ^^

    @fzmy: haha. thanks and you're welcome ^^ but yesterday (14th Mar), i changed my layout again. hehe. how do you find it? do you like it? :)

    @ny_piranha: you're welcome ^^

    @na_toma_inoo: you're welcome too ^^

    @nine-to-eleven: you're welcome :) LOL @ "I had this big banana smile stuck on my face while watching the vid." me too! i miss them too!! >.< lol! i totally agree with you!! pi's shirt was horrendous!! haha =X and yup! i noticed too! his vocal is better than before. that's the price for getting professional help :D wonder how will he sound like, when he reach his maximum~?! ♥ "... C cup is almost turning into a D cup now XD" if so, i would totally love his D-cup xP hehe.

    @Anonymous: you're welcome ^^

    @newsxo: ^^ you have the same thoughts too!! cool~ haha. i realise we have a lot of thoughts in common :D that's great! hehe.