Tuesday, March 9

Special Fan Mail 6


i'm Yamashita Tomohisa

tonight 9pm will be
『Code Blue ~kinkyu kyuumei doctor heli2』
9th episode.

2nd season is coming to an end!

today is a mother-child story about
living a separate life with a single mother

because the mother is busy with work
therefore, the boy was taken care of by his grandmother

he is a child
yet towards every single matter around him
he took it with care!

similar to me when i was little
my mother will be working
so i truly understand that boy's lonely feeling!

today too, is a significantly deep story.

left 3 episodes.

the interns overcome difficulties, surpass oneself
the look of continuously growing,
please watch it till the end!

i will use my utmost to complete
the last bit of filming!

please give us your support 

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

that boy that he mentioned
was it Aizawa?!
( sorry, so far, i have not watch it yet X] failed as his wife X] )

if so,
then i think this episode will be quite touching
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and worth the watch.


  1. FAIL
    just joking XD i wonder if it is Aizawa?? But it
    would be cute if he got to play with another child actor because in a earlier episode there was a little girl he played with...

    (talking about March 7 entry)
    I really want to know what song he discovered,
    because the last time i can remember of when he mentioned a song in a interview it was called "Broken Stings" and i freaked out because i knew that song and i thought not a lot of people heard of it but apparently Pi has hehe

  2. arh! i FAILED! haha. oh i know that, i saw that scene in magazine scan. that girl is so cute and (from the scan) it seems like pi-chan can't handle here. lol. i want to watch that soon on DVD!!

    i saw that interview too. i was shocked too because i didn't expect him to know. haha. and i love that song too >.< hehe. and this made me like this song even more :D