Monday, March 22




yesterday, i have successfully completed my filming

again, completed another workpiece
extremely happy.

three months seems long but to me, it actually felt very short.

in conclusion, very thankful to staff crew's hard work.
thank you!

monday will be 「CODE BLUE」
final episode

please make sure to watch it!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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no wonder yamapi didn't update his nikki the day before yesterday,
he was busy filming the last portion of the drama.

"omedetou on your completion!!
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you've just added another milestone to your work profile.

take a good rest ne,
after which you have to start filming for your second movie!"

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  1. thank you as always...


    i really wish he'll cut his hair and take care of himself....

    man, is he really with kitagawa keiko?

  2. you're welcome :) yup! i wish he will cut his hair too! and style it into something nice. hehe.

    ehh~ with regards to keiko, i can't confirm as i'm not him (obviously) but whatever it is, hope he will be able to find someone decent, as his long-term partner. hehe.
    wish him all the best! ^-^

  3. omedetou !
    Hope Pi can get some rest