Monday, March 15




today's weather is great.
because was feeling great, therefore, went for a walk!

because it's Saturday, hence, there's a lot of people
wearing different types of clothing
there are people who i think their clothing looked stylish
and there's also the existence of the group of people who seem to know nothing about clothes.

recently, i truly felt that there are different things to ponder over and the existence of sensible people.

but i felt that this is an interesting matter too.

especially my work.

how many people were touched by watching my performance?
and so on
do you really like watching my performance?

like this

there's a lot of different reflections and feelings
among the different system of values, my existence
can make how many people feel happy?

think in this way

it's okay even if it's a little
also thinking of letting everyone to see good thing!

be it when you're watching a movie
be it when you're listening to music

is there anything which you can use it as a reference for your work?

to began to observe only via this line of sight

in conclusion, before getting acknowledgment

go try it!

people who are supporting me
in order to make everyone feel moved
i will work hard!

the above mentioned was written yesterday

today's weather is great too

right now, i'm at the shooting location enjoying the warmth of the sun!

really feels good!

today is also another day which i will anticipate for it too!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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this entry is super long!

and it seems like yamapi-chan forgot to send his nikki entry the day before.
he must be v busy with a lot of things that he can't concentrate.
rest well ne, pi-chan! ^-^

i bought for myself a 320GB portable HDD and a special media player at the IT Fair!!

this special media player allows me to connect any portable HDD to it, and i'll be able to view all the videos that i've stored in it!!
*super excited now*
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after i finished typing this entry.
i shall start transferring all my media files to my HDD


  1. Yay, a 2 in 1 super long entry !
    Omedetou on the special media player ^_^