Monday, March 1




today been filming too!

yesterday, approximately nine guys
went to eat yakiniku together!
ate a lot!

have a feast with a lot of friends

very happy!

as if all the pressure have vanished, extremely happy!

it is truly great to be able to
meet important friend(s) in this life
sometimes, i'll think like this!

in front of people who are important to you
able to express yourself straightforwardly and genuinely is the most important
recently, this feeling is strong!

if you care too much on what the other party's thoughts are
and force yourself
then, that will not be your real self!

at that time, things that you felt
things that came to your mind

things that you wanna do, things that you don't wanna do, it is very important to properly say out your thoughts to the other party
i feel that this will be fine!

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  1. yay~!!! really thanks for the nonstop update..kyyaaaa...yamapi must be so happy nowadays being with his pals again~! ^_^.... news~! ganbatte~!^_^

  2. hehe he did update
    but what will tomorrow bring?! ( I'm betting no update tomorrow XD )

    and yup, I did see the news on news_jpop@LJ ^_^

  3. he sounds so happy~even the entry is longer...haha..XD..good for him!^^
    thank you as always, selina~san~

  4. @smargott: you're welcome :)

    @newsxo: haha. you've guessed wrongly. he did update on the 1st of March :D again, let's bet whether he will update today (2nd March). hehe. i'm betting nope, he will not update >.<

    @duzel: you're welcome, duzel-san ^-^ haha. you've noticed! it indeed is a long entry. hehe. but i like it~♥ it makes me have a deeper understanding of pi ^-^