Thursday, March 4





today's bento is yakiniku!

feeling very high!


very delicious

hungry for comments and they are love!
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even though this entry is short..
but i can feel pi's overwhelming happiness oozing out from this entry..
apart from this is his favourite..
this yakiniku bento must be v delicious..
that's why pi is really happy that he can get to eat this..
such an innocent boy X)

minna, guess what!
today i successfully did my last exam!!
*in super excited mode*

never in my life again (or not-so-soon will i be touching books and lecture notes again!!)
now, i can fully enjoy my fandom life!!
pi-sama and NEWS, i'm coming!

but, right now,
i got to find myself a stable job..

onto my next phase of life!!
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  1. woohooo~~congratulations!!!^___^ go party! haha..
    and thank you as always! reading this entry, i had a big wide grin before i know his food entry...XD

  2. Omedetou!!! I'm happy for you >.<
    suddenly after reading this entry i also want some yakiniku ;D

  3. @duzel: you're welcome :) yup! right now, i'm partying at home with my beloved lappie ^-^ haha.

    @yttenaid: yeah~ *thumb up* ^-^ and you're welcome and i think yamapi is successful in promoting his food to his fans. now everyone wants to eat yakiniku XD

  4. hehe ... Food, as expected of Pi

    Omedetou !!!
    hehe I love the icon, onto the next phase of life, Ganbatte.
    and i'm sure that pi-sama and NEWS will welcome you with open arms XD

  5. hehe. thanks, newsxo ^^ i will ganbatte. you too, must ganbatte! :) haha. i love the icon too. i like how it bop its head while it's walking. LOL.

    reply to your prev comment:
    just my luck in guessing it right. heehee.