Tuesday, March 30




today too, starting from now
going for training

recently, everyday is like that!

boxer's training
is awesome!

before the start of the shooting
must properly do things which i can do!

right now, must strictly control on the intake of oily food.

although it was said not to consume it, it makes me want to eat even more.

feel like eating it~

hungry for comments and they are love!
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ganbatte ne, pi-chan!
after a few months of filming and the ending of it,
you can eat all the oily food you want!! ^0^

the start of the filming for 'Ashita no Joe' has started!!!

hope pi-chan can take care of his body
and not get sick, during this period

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  1. He's watching the intake of his food again...
    Reply: Need to start saving money now to attend Jin concert, Ganbatte to you too on trying to go to KT-TUN, Awww!! Rakubeji CM's ^_^ I was trying to find the CM's earlier, but I actually found them by typing in "Cute japanese commercials" lol