Tuesday, March 2




today been filming too

but because today the filming starts in the evening

so, drank a little yesterday!

the pressure is gradually accumulating

even though it's only an acting, it felt so terrible when needed to face death.

but when i know that because of this drama, the number of doctor heli increased

doctors and nurses, and people who are fighting against serious illnesses are watching this drama too
all these will give me ample enthusiasm

been touched
whenever i heard these words, i will work harder

the break time will be over soon
i shall go back and film!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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just like what i thought while translating his nikki yesterday (and those days before, with all the "advice" posts)
he seems to be facing some pressure/stress..
and indeed,
in the day before yesterday's nikki,
he mentioned that he is facing some stress now..

ganbatte ne,
you have all of us, here, supporting you always!
and also to everyone who is facing
some pressure in their lives right now!

this feeling will be OVER!!

well, this is what i'm telling myself these few days..
soon~ my exams stress will be over~
and i can fully enjoy the rest of my life with
fangirling, working, saving money to go overseas and attending concert!!



  1. ganbatte pi! & to you too ^^
    yes, we need to save XD
    thanks for translating always!

  2. thanks for sharing :)

  3. ^0^ He did update
    but it seems he's under stress/pressure, Ganbatte Pi !
    Ganbatte to you too !

  4. @babyshazam: you're welcome :) and thanks for giving me your support. hehe. you're planning to Japan this year?!

    @teddy_24: you're welcome :)

    @newsxo: haha. thank you ^-^