Monday, March 29

no entry

yamapi-sama didn't update his nikki~

on a side note,
it has been confirmed that KAT-TUN will be holding an Asia Tour from May - August this year!!!!!
and during this Asia tour,
they will be going to Thailand and Taiwan!!!!
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*screaming crazily*

besides that,
another crazy thing is...........
when they performed in Taiwan for 2 days,
kis-my-ft2 will be there with them too!!!!!!!!

omg! that's means if i were to attend this concert in Taiwan.
i can see Tama-chan too!!!!!
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*screaming even crazily*

i wanna go! x100
(start saving my salary ^-^)

however, there's a sad news among these good news.
and that is..
during these tours,
bakanishi will not be touring together with other KAT-TUN members
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*boring~* *sigh*
as he will be holding his solo debut concert in LA.

yup! you read it right.

if any of you want to read this piece of news.
you may click HERE to visit the website of my source :)

i have embedded the videos of the entire episode of SMAPXSMAP in entry 'vol.2333'
click HERE to watch it :)
thanks newsxo@LJ for telling me


  1. No problem on telling you about SMAPXSMAP ^_^
    Reply to your comment on vol.2335: if (and when) i go to Japan, i must remember to plan before hand, i don't want to be lost due to the train system, and of course I will remember to tell Pi about the existents of this blog !
    Ne, if you go to the Taiwan concert for KT-TUN concert, i just might have to go to Jin concert in LA so we can compare hehe XD

    PS: Since I always seem to leave links in my comments :P Here is something i thought you might like, even if you've already seen it before, it's always good to see Pi again XD

  2. yay! thanks for remembering to tell pi about my blog >.< *huggs* hehe.

    LOL @ mentioning KAT-TUN as KT-TUN XD alright woman! we shall talk and compare these concerts, but you attendin Jin's concert!!

    lol. thanks for the link. yup! i've seen this before. i like pi with cow ears and horns. he's cute, ne~ last part was cute too. hehe. but i like the rakubeji's cm:


    i like the part where pi sang,"raku raku rakubeji" hehe ^-^