Friday, March 19




today, it's a wrap for madam shima who acted as kinue and Lili who acted as my father in 『コード・ブルー』

it's hard on the both of you!

very happy  

i shall work hard too on the remaining parts!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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being the main lead,
it must have been even harder on you ne, pi-chan!
you have to take in the critics received on your acting, the invisible pressure from the weekly tv rating
and you have to be the last one to finish your part too (for this, i'm not too sure actually X_x)

for this last lap,
do your best! GANBATTE NE!

and did all of you watch the PV?
if you haven't,
do click HERE to watch it!!

and also,
do click HERE to view the 2 mins pv + comments from the members,
with regards to the PV
(thanks to inala@LJ for noticing and sharing)


  1. Yay, got internet back,
    even though it was 2 days without internet,
    it feels like i'm behind on the NEWS XD

  2. i know how you felt. once, i had no internet for a week! and that time period, i feel like killing myself. LOL.

  3. and no wonder you have not been leaving comments in over here for the past 2 days XD