Tuesday, March 16



it's raining.

the filming was done, right now i'm on my way home

on the television, it was broadcasting CODE BLUE's
NG scenes.

ah~ really very sorry.

next time, i must take note not to NG again.

going home to watch the live broadcast!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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i can totally imagine pi being embarrassed with the NG scenes XD

i think it's cute ne,
to see kakkoi pi to mix up with his line/acting.
it's like a once-in-a-while opportunity to see him being embarrassed by his faults.

if i happen to find anybody uploaded his/her share of yesterday's episode of SMAP Bistro video, on streaming sites.
i will embedded it here in my blog ^-^
please wait for it patiently ne~

i have translated the special fan mail too.
you can either locate it after this blog entry or you can click HERE to start reading it.


  1. pi NG-ing?such a rare occasion, isnt it?hihi...XD
    thank youuuu~~^o^

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  3. sorry about the previous post( a lot of spelling error lol). i want to see pi's NG ^ ^ ( he must be cute in there)>

  4. we do have the same thoughts
    i think it's cute too
    well as they say "great minds think alike" XD

  5. @duzel: you're welcome ^^ and yup! it's a rare occasion :D

    @myolie: hehe. it's ok. don't worry :) in fact, i'm v happy you commented ^-^ and yup! i like to see his embarrassed facial expression >.<

    @newsxo: haha. that's what i'm thinking too -> "great minds think alike" =D OMG! haha.