Wednesday, March 24




it suddenly rained!

i'm about to start eating

yesterday, a celebration was held for CODE BLUE.

very happy
chatted a lot with senpai-s who co-acted as high ranking doctors
learned a lot!

once again, i felt that
using 3 months
everyone working as one to complete one work
it really is an amazing thing

every ending of a season, i will feel this way.

another great experience.

next, i shall challenged [Ashita no Joe], this great work.

in order not to damage everyone's impression of the original work, i will do my utmost effort in acting [Ashita no Joe]

hope to receive everyone's support!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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here are some bits and pieces of the videos on which yamapi went on to Bistro SMAP a few days ago

Kimura Comments on Yamapi Being Left-Handed

video credit bitsofprettyboys@YT

takukimu's comment was freaking cute..
i can imagine myself telling myself that IF this situation were to occur on me

SMAP talks about Yamapi

Katori Shingo does Daite Senorita

both videos credit ladytenshi04@YT

shingo was freaking funny in both videos!!
he was cute too when he said his head was peaking out of the blanket watching CODE BLUE (or something like that)

and sorry minna!
i wasn't able to find the entire episode on YouTube

thanks newsxo@lj for telling me that there's a full version of this episode of SMAPXSMAP online.
moreover, thanks to ringo_seijin@DM for uploading and sharing these videos :)


Yamapi and Lili Franky on SMAPXSMAP 1/3 (Eng Subbed)
Uploaded by ringo_seijin. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.


Yampi and Lily Franky on SMAPXSMAP 2/3 (Eng Subbed)
Uploaded by ringo_seijin. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.


Yampi and Lily Franky on SMAPXSMAP 3/3 (Eng Subbed)
Uploaded by ringo_seijin. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.


  1. I love when Pi was on there show, hehe the left-handed comment.
    Ne ! did you see this one?

  2. nope. i didn't. thanks for the link for that video ^-^ i shall watch it after i finish reading every comment :) hehe. once again, thanks :)