Saturday, March 20




this skull is awesome ^^

it was made by a friend

the skull's facial expression looked very serious

today, the filming ended very early
therefore went for training!

perspired a lot.

even though, it's 8pm now
i'm already very tired.

alright! i shall sleep for a while!

good night! ^^

both photos credit baidu

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it's BLING!!!
i heart Pictures, Images and Photos BLING~!!

i wonder if his friend bought those 1 big sticker,
or bought those small individual bling pieces of stickers and paste it one-by-one?!

but it sure is nice~~

and if Tegoshi were to see this shirt,
he sure wants it!
tegoshi kiss~ Pictures, Images and Photos

therefore, pi-chan,
please make sure to keep it properly~
yamapi!! Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. ooh in japan i think they have those shops where you choose the designs you like then you stick it on, and press it down with some machine that will make it stick there!
    kame did that once on the "date" with megumi~ =)
    thanks for translating!
    the skull looks great!

  2. that sounds really cool being able to make your own design.=)Tegoshi would LUV that shirt, something else to add to his skull collection. <3

  3. @piperrrr: you're welcome :) and thank you for explaining the stick on sticker to me. hehe.

  4. Bling Skull ! ♥♥♥
    His friend made that?! Awesome
    just like Tegoshi, i want it hehe
    Yay, Pi's Training ^_^

  5. Bling Skull ! ♥♥♥
    His friend made that?! Awesome
    Just like Tegoshi, i want it hehe
    Yay, Pi's Training ^_^