Thursday, November 12

Special Fan Mail ~Loveless~ 1



i feel that to be predestined with this song, it's a [chance encounter].
among thousands of DEMO, incidentally i've meet this song by chance.

furthermore, the released date is 18th November, in between autumn and winter, i really feel that it really matches with this time, thus used it as the A-side for the single.

this song is nice is because it possess the only distress feeling this season have to offer. i think everyone would definitely feel this way too. because i also like the melody very much, if everyone can listen to this song with the same mood, i will be very happy.

i shall talk about the story of my encounter with this song. the impression of listening to it for the first time is, don't know why just like that...slowly entering into my innermost being, after that only left the feeling of distress in my heart.

the content is about "the girl that i like = she started a new relationship, even though i'm in pain, i couldn't control myself to support her" this kind of standpoint of a song.

felt that if it's a kind of love that doesn't put wholeheartedly into, definitely will stop her from leaving, but that's not the case, the person in the lyric was the opposite, he was able to think of the other party's interest, this kind of lyrics. 

if the guy doesn't truly love his partner, he wouldn't be able to do it. this is a song, strongly emphasizing on "hoping the girl that i like can find her happiness" kind of song. this is true love, which cannot be wavered, this kind of feeling.

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i love this post! 
it is so detailed..
i can truly understand how yamapi-san felt about this song..
and what he wants us to feel/gain from this song..

when i heard this song for the first time,
i was shocked..
as to the style of this song is totally different from his first single and other solo songs he performed in his jr. days..
however, after listening to it for a few seconds, i was captivated by its melody..
and the way yamapi sings to this song.. 
somehow, it sends off the feeling of loneliness and distress..

how i wish he can be as expressive as he can in this special mail, in his daily nikki..
so that all of us can understand him better..

original posting:-
date: 11.14.2009
time: PM3:04


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
    i hup that he will write more about his feeling in his nikpi......
    but can u tell bout loveless pv coz i dun get it!!

  2. hmmm...sure!

    but firstly, i would like to say sorry to you for this late reply >.<
    gomen! ^^

    basically, pi-sama is saying that the girl in the pv = the girl that he likes..then this girl, she found an another guy whom she fell in love with..even so, he still likes her, and because of this reason, he is feeling the pain from it within him..

    bearing this pain, pi-sama support her in going after that guy..even though his mind doesn't want to..

    hope this explanation helps ^^