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so short.
ganbatte on your CB2 shooting, yamapi-san!

listen to this song!
written by akanishi jin for a friend's wedding..
and this was sang at pi's concert!

credit arenizs@yt

clearer version can be found, below this link:

i've choose to post this video instead of the clearer version
is because
this has the lyric (both romanji + english translation to it)

this is so fit to be sang at a wedding..
so sweet~ and beautifully..
i was amazed at jin's skill of writing the song..
but i wasn't sure he wrote the lyrics or the melody~~
anyways, it still nice..

friendship love pink arrow Pictures, Images and Photos newly weds love *hearts*

yamapi up close & personal talk:

credit AiNanteTegoshi@yt & newshfan@lj

he likes 'broken strings'!
me too!!!!!!!
and also its melody caught my attention first, than the lyrics!

normally, when i listen to songs..
i would listen to the tune, than the lyrics..
because typically these days, singers don't pronounce their words properly..

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