Friday, November 27




recently very cold

there is really nothing much i can do with the winter.

if i can hibernate then it will be great.
i'd thought.

so envious with the bear. 

today, since morning, i have been filming.
with respect to the apparel, because there is a pair of shoe which i like, therefore bought it to try wearing it!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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the shooting for Code Blue 2 has started!?!
so fast!
it seems that yama-chan didn't take any rest at all
包子頭 Pictures, Images and Photos
please take care of your health ne, yama-chan~

am wondering how does that pair of shoes look like~

as compared to summer,
i prefer winter ne~
Winter Trees Pictures, Images and Photos
because i don't need to sweat sweating Pictures, Images and Photos

yup! me think so too..
and if i have the chance to hibernate throughout the entire winter..
i would be v happy too

i'm feeling v tired..
most probably because there are a lot of things to accomplish..
but so little time to do it

and and and!!! i haven't updated myself with NEWSのnews for more than a week!?!? (i think~ but somewhere around that length of time)
so damn outdated~

however, thanks to watchful21@lj
for being so resourceful that whenever news of yamapi starts leaking on the net..
she will be the first to update it on her lj..
not only that, she is still able to follow up on certain posts too..

and because of this..
i would know what are the latest happenings around yamapi..
and then, i can better translate his nikki..
(it must be quite tiring, difficult and stressful to maintain your lj ne~ cause slowly, i can feel it too X) BUT am not giving up! =P)

here's the pic for the mission!


  1. nooooooooo..
    after the concert series back to filming???
    yamapi should have a fanclub sorta like
    cassiopoea ne..
    then we'd file online petitions to make him REST!

  2. apparently, yup, he's back to filming >.<

    i think if JE were to form a FC for each boy. the entire co. will be damn busy with receiving and replying to requests. haha.

    hmm. maybe after shooting CB2, JE will reward him a month break?! let see what JE had planned for him. ^^