Tuesday, November 17


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today had photoshoot!
a conversation with Takizawa-kun!

it's been a long time since i saw Takizawa-kun
felt that he have become taller!

recall the things happened during the Jr. period.

so reminiscing.

recently it's all about rehearsals
feelings felt from these rehearsals
once again, allow me to recall what happened during that period

every time i'll be dripping with sweat.

the feeling of inadequately bringing just one t-shirt.

the feeling of being super reminiscing about it

apparently, those childhood memories are still deep in my mind.

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i can still remember me bullying one of my classmate in kindergarten,
in the end, she ended up crying

ah! tackey and pi working together!
had been a long time since yamapi work with him..
wonder how did the photoshoot & the interview go??
and how will the photos turn up to be?!
can't wait to see it!

i've found the english sub version of Zoom In in which yamapi appeared on 13th Nov:

yesh, please~
give our pi-prince more mustard, please..

i was amused when he said "more mustard"

also, i've found the video of Ousama no Brunch which yamapi appeared in, on 14th Nov, with eng sub!:
everyone should watch this!
he is so adorable~ in it!
seems like i've never seen him like this before ne~
how i wish he can be like this, in future interviews~

i like the part where he showed puzzlement and in-disbelief on his face, when the hostess said they have prepared pi's most dreadful food in the world, for him to consume..
so enjoying to see him react in that way..

i'm a S

an official announcement was announced earlier today that
yamapi-dear will be acting back as Aizawa-san in Code Blue 2!!
and tentatively it was scheduled to be aired in Jan 2010!
which is like less than 2 months, in which we are able to see yamapi back-in-action again!
musical note Pictures, Images and Photosfure~ fure~!musical note Pictures, Images and Photos

there are so many things happening around this time period,
don't you think?!

firstly, for the past 7 months,
there aren't a mosquito-sound-buzzing made for NEWS (besides 24hr tv that period)
then suddenly,
an influx of their latest news..
johnnys-san, johnnys-san~

here's a pic for the mission!

tackey and chibi yamapi!


  1. heyy thereee :DDD

    i've just dl-ded the HEYx3 on livejournal.
    i hope the eng subs will be posted! sadly, i dont understand japanese :|

    yeahhh i know right! yamapi has improved a lot in terms of his dancing. whee. NEWS is finally back on track <3333!

  2. hey!

    no prob! when i've found the video "lying" somewhere on the net, i'll post it up here ^^

    same same! i only understand very basic Japanese like 'sou desu ne', 'hai' and such. lol!

    and not forgetting his english pronunciation~! i think he must have put in a lot of effort in pronouncing each and every single word so accurately and correctly.

    finally, YEAH to NEWS for getting to be back on track! ^^

  3. bwahahahahah...I am going to cry! bwahahaha! Japanese talk-show are too much fun! ^^