Wednesday, November 25


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



at Yokohama Arena
for the first time, i hold my solo concert!

really very happy.
and i've learnt a lot too!

owing to everyone's strengths, the concert can then be held successfully
this is what i've re-felt.

my choreographer and all the dancers

and all the staff

after which the most important thing is with everyone's attendance then there's the solo concert!
thanks everyone!

thanks to everyone who have bought the penlight
allowing the entire hall to be covered in red!

i think from now onwards, with upgrading my standards as my target, i shall continue to work hard too
continue leading my life in this way.

hungry for comments and they are love!
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congratulation, pi-sama!
*huggs with tears in my eyes*
touched.gif Pictures, Images and Photos

3 fancams of the concert were uploaded on YouTube!!!!!!

it was recorded on the first day of his concert, 21st Nov 2009,
and it was when toma appeared on stage!!!
therefore, tomapi moment!!!
all vids credit to the uploader: hayouj@naver and the poster on YouTube, dnwps..

tomapi performing 欲望のレイン:

i'm touched while watching the both of them dancing to the chorus of the song..
even though, i'm not one of the older fan who followed pi through, from when he's part of all the temp groups such as B.I.G pink arrow Pictures, Images and Photos 4TOPS pink arrow Pictures, Images and Photos Shuuji to Akira pink arrow Pictures, Images and Photos GYM,
when i'm watching them danced in this video,
not sure why though, i felt nostalgic..
somehow missing those good old days..
where yamapi was always laughing and goofing around..
not afraid of showing what he's thinking at that moment..

and also, being love and adore by his mentor, Takizawa-san

enough with that..
i don't think all of you want to hear more when i've mentioned earlier that, there will be 3 fancams..
so where are the other 2?!

here they are!:

tomapi performing colorful(take note what happened right before the video finishes):

tomapi performing himawari:

2 pictures for the mission! (because i've forgotten to post 1 yesterday! X) gomen!)

i like how yamapi look, dance and rap in this part of the 'gomen ne juliet' performance, found in the Never Ending Wonderful Story Concert DVD..
and, i miss his kenzo-kun's hair!!!

yamapi look super kawaii in this shop pic..
he seemed to be so indulged and busy in consuming his food..
and he looked bliss too..
yamapi and his food..

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  1. I am not sure yet...but maybe I prefer the yamapi of the begining it was soo funny and kawaii! ^^